Share rides, cover expenses, make new friends

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Cover the expenses of driving your scooter

You drive every day with a free seat on the back of your scooter. Why not offer it to a community member who needs to go the same way you’re going? In exchange, you’ll get help covering the cost of your scooter by receiving expense reimbursements for each shared ride.

How does Scooterino™ work for drivers?

1. Set Your Destination Address

Scooterino automatically matches you with a passenger headed in the same direction

2. Receive a Ride Request

Review each ride request and then decide whether you want to accept or reject it

3. Share the Ride

Once the ride is over, rate your passenger. Expense reimbursements are paid directly into your account on a weekly basis.

Why become a Scooterista?


Cover your Scooter Expenses



Controllo di sicurezza



Same Direction





Important rules to keep in mind


Not for profit

Scooterino is not a taxi service & it’s not a job. Scooterino is a way for community members who drive scooters to help offset their annual scooter expenses by sharing rides with other community members. Members caught abusing our app by attempting to make a profit will be removed from the community.

How does insurance work?

Sharing a ride on your scooter to help cover transportation expenses will not invalidate your insurance policy. Scooterino passengers do not pay Scooterino drivers a fixed “fare” as they would in a taxi. For this reason, driving for Scooterino does not require commercial driving insurance. Your passengers always will be insured when sharing a ride with you.

What do I need to get started?

A Helmet for Each Passenger

All Scooteristas must provide helmets that meet mandatory safety standards for driver & passenger.

A Smartphone

You must have an iPhone® or Android® smartphone to run the Scooterino app.

A Scooter 

Your scooter must be well maintained & equipped with a passenger seat.

Method of Payment

You must have a major credit card, a pre-paid card or a Paypal account to receive Scooterino reimbursements.

Share rides, cover expenses, make new friends